Must-See Movies for Child, Youth and Family Social Workers

Must-See Movies for Child, Youth and Family Social Workers

NGK is a south indiantamil language political drama film written and directed by Selvaraghavan. It was later on dubbed into telugu with the same title. It is a political action drama film with a touch to comedy. This film has a social touch to it and is most suitable to all age group viewers. It’s a must see movie for children, youth, family and social workers too. You should definitely add this film to your telugu movie watch list. There are many recent movies on aha movies.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Suriya

Actress: Sai Pallavi

Other actors: RakulPreeth Singh, Devaraj

Director:  Selvaraghavan

Art Director: Vijay Murugan

Banner: Dream Warrior Pictures

Distributed by: Reliance Entertainment

Producer: S. R. Prakash Babu, S. R. Prabhu

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: SivakumarVijayan

Editing: Praveen K. L.

Story By: Selvaraghavan

Other information:

Runtime: 148 Mins

Release date: 31 May 2019

Genre: Political action drama

Box Office: ₹ 64.00 Cr

Story line:

NGK stands for Nanda GopalanKumaran, is a social worker who is keen in helping the men in need. He is expert in organic farming and famous around the youngsters in the village for quitting a high profile corporate job to serve the people in need. He lives with his family, father a military officer, mother and wife possessive as enough, gives him the strength he needs. He realizes the concept of power as he has been trying to solve a problem for a lot of days but the solution comes when his old friends make a single call as he works under an MLA. His curiosity towards politics increases. Later as he is famous around the village, few known people help him to start a proper organic farm, with the fame it receives, it will be attacked by chemicals and burned as he refuses to comply with some offers. One of the native suggests him to meet MLA, he goes to meet him. MLA forces him to work under him and do some nasty little jobs and he works as he wants to step into the world of politics. He uses MLA by making him believe that mla is using NGK and meanwhile, he helps the people in his village and then enters into the true face of politics with some manipulation using the contacts he gained. This is when the true story begins.

Actors Performance:

  • Suriya, his swag and action is the key to everyone’s heart! He was awesome in this movie as a politician with swag.
  • Sai pallavi is a strong woman, who motivates surya, she is beautiful in her role.
  • RakulPreet Singh is bold and brave in her little role!

Technical Asset:

  • Strong story to shoot at audience
  • Music is a great aspect to look and appreciate.
  • Screenplay is beautiful and it goes in a flow.

Go watch this movie today for these brave and strong story and actors. You can watch NGK movie online today!