What have to be notice prior to purchase CBD product

The popularity of the product has increased a lot as it is providing much expected results in improving the health conditions. There are many brands which produce product made out of the plant sativa. The cbd oil for dogs has been proved to be the best therapy in treating many disorders in the dog.  But before purchasing the product there are few factors which need to keep in your mind.

  • From what it is extracted: As you all know that CBD is extracted from a plant namely hemp and marijuana both of them belongs to the same plant family. The difference between both of them is that comparing to marijuana the hemp has very negligible amount of THC. There are few companies who remove this little amount of THC from the hemp before using the extract in the final product. It is always advised to buy the product where the CBD values is more as that will give you better out come.
  • From where it is sourced: The source of origin matters a lot as these plants have the characteristic to grow in the soil or water and it can absorb all the elements available in the soil or water like metals. Through their roots they can absorb the metal and due to this the tissues contain lot of metal properties. Even the natural grown plants are not safe as they can have more pesticides and herbicides. So when the extract is used to prepare the product the toxic metal can hamper the health of your dog.
  • Which oil is used: Using oil product is very easy as you can count the quantity through the drops and give them the exact required dose. But it is very essential to know which oil is used to mix the CBD. The best option is the olive oil as it is healthy oil than the coconut oil. Also check for the manufacturer certificate which confirms the quantity of CBD used in the product.
  • CBD or hemp oil: Check if the product is made of the CBD oil or hemp oil. As both oils are different the hemp oil is made by pressing the hemp seeds. And in few products they used both the oils. The hemp oil is used to improve the health of your dog skin or to get shiner hair, so don’t get confuse as both oils are used for dogs.


Hope you will not be deceived by any manufacture while you’re purchasing the product.