Ace the Harry potter quiz and find your house


Have you read the books and watched movies of Harry Potter? If you are a true and a real fan of the Harry Potter series, then definitely you would like this quiz and find what harry potter house am i. This is the ultimate quiz for the Harry Potter fans and you can get sorted into a house. In the wonderful wizarding world of the amazing Harry Potter, there are many challenges, stories, outstanding scenes, and many more that are unforgettable. Get all the magic from you to this Harry Potter quiz and find out to which house you belong.

This is a great challenge for the potter heads taking up the quiz and this is also a Hogwarts house quiz bringing you the house you fit in. Harry Potter is a series of books as well as movies that started in the year 2001. this is a  fascinating movie with various characters learning about magic, ghost, Phoenix tears, acromantulas and there are dementors, godfather, and werewolf.

Many scenes, characters,  powers in the story of harry potter

Any person who is familiar with this series of Harry Potter will know from the beginning of the Harry Potter attending the school of Wizards and witches And this is known as Hogwarts. After getting into Hogwarts a wizard order will be Classified into the 4 houses based on the character attributes and these houses are named Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, as well as Hufflepuff.

Get deep into Harry potter’s life

With this quiz, you will be knowing to which house you belong, and you can be feeling pleasure to share your house to which you belong. In this house quiz of Harry Potter, you will be decided whether you are a Gryffindor or Slytherin. In the amazing and thrilling Story of Harry Potter, Harry along with his gang will be discovering a door which is a secret trap one which is hidden under fluffy in’ the philosopher’s stone ‘and the difficult thing is to find a direction to inhibit it. With the help of soothing music being played Harry and the gang will put him to sleep.


In this Potter more quiz for the potter heads it is determined about the house that the player belongs in by answering the questions in the quiz correctly. At the end of the quiz, you are given the house according to your answers and this is very important to be noted that reading all the questions properly and carefully before answering them. Each and every house has its specialty, and this will give you fun and make you feel proud.

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