Kodiak Data Fabric – Speed, Parallelism and Multi-Tenancy for Clusters

Kodiak Data’s Virtual Cluster Infrastructure (VCI) software has uniquely combined virtualization and routing with data-swarm technologies. This combination allows entire clusters to be containerized and provisioned on shared infrastructure. The VCI software enables the Kodiak Data MemCloud™ hosted service.

​The two core components of VCI are the VCI Fabric which manages the assets and a DataContainer which represents a virtual cluster. A DataContainer can run on a VCI Fabric in a few clicks, and then your cluster software runs just like it is on Metal.  No changes.

VCI Fabric



The VCI Fabric is a distributed internet-style software layer that disaggregates data assets (RAM, flash, non-volatile memory), gives them knowledge of networking metrics (speed, BW, state, latency, hop-count, QoS), and keeps them in a ‘ready to consume’ state.




DataContainers contain the data-definition of an entire big data cluster. Just like a VM or Docker container contains code for a single machine, the DataContainer is a manifest for a whole cluster and provides API for control and monitoring of the cluster.

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