Object storage has rapidly increased in popularity, while the amount of data being stored continues to grow exponentially.  However, object storage in public clouds typically suffers from poor performance and private object store deployment has been prohibitively expensive.  As more enterprise applications are supporting native object API, and cloud storage prices trend downwards, we are seeing wider adoption of on-prem, private clouds.

  • Kodiak Data EdgeCache connects Kodiak clouds to public clouds

  • Using standard S3 credentials, EdgeCache syncs to S3 (synchronous and asynchronous) and replicates S3 objects to your private cloud for high-speed, local access

  • EdgeCache in MemCloud = faster S3 access + cost savings

EdgeCache is also available as a standalone product outside of Kodiak Data clouds for KVM, AWS, and VMware, greatly simplifying deployment in existing virtual environments to speed up access to S3, Ceph or other object stores.  Try a free demo at http://central.memcloud.works/.

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