Kodiak Data is serving a market need that has emerged at the confluence of three shifts in the industry: growing adoption of Big Data, shift to private and public cloud, and containerization. Big data workloads and clustered workloads have different requirements than do web and machine-to-human workloads and, thus, are served neither efficiently nor scalably by existing cloud solutions.

Kodiak Data has developed an edge cloud solution that solves the infrastructure demand for Big Data. The product fits seamlessly between the user, and their public cloud or on-prem infrastructure, and requires no major implementation on the end of our customers. Since deploying the solution with revenue generating customers in Q4 2016, Kodiak Data has seen 5X lifts in speed and dramatic cost savings in customer case studies.

At its core, Kodiak Data is a software company that containerizes clusters for big data developers and IT. The team has deep technical expertise in networking, virtualization and storage, and is supported by advisors and investors who are leaders in the database, virtualization and networking industries. Institutional investors include Data Collective (DCVC), Divergent Ventures, and Aspect Ventures.