Clusters in the Cloud:  Kodiak Data Delivers 5X the Performance at 1/5th the Price of AWS

Results from the open-source Hadoop TestDFSIO benchmark demonstrated the Kodiak Data MemCloud has five times the performance of an equivalent AWS Hadoop cluster at 1/5th the cost.  Interestingly, Kodiak Data’s advantage increased the larger the data file size and the more files that were tested.

For example, a 10GB file written three times resulted in Kodiak Data having a 4.55X performance advantage over AWS.  When a 30GB file was written nine times, the performance advantage exploded to seven times!  Kodiak Data’s secret is our VCI software that optimizes cluster (not just node) level performance.

​The benchmark cluster on AWS with on-demand instances costs over $500 per week.  Kodiak Data’s MemCloud equivalent is $100 per week.  With our pre-configured clusters, you are up and running in minutes.


Summary Results

Below are summary results of 12 different run sets.  The number in the chart is the throughput per second of MemCloud divided by the throughput per second of AWS.  MemCloud is 4.55 – 9 times FASTER than AWS.  As your workload increases, MemCloud’s advantage over AWS becomes greater.


HDP Version: with bundled TestDFSIO
Ambari Version:


For detailed run results, click here.

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